Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Mother's Beauty

My mother, my rock my best friend is gone. It has been several years but it feels like a lifetime.
Death can make one feel as though the earth has stopped revolving, the stars have stopped shining and the moon has lost its glow, like life itself has ended.
As I remember her I also remember that every ending has a beginning.
I walked backwards through her life following her footprints and as I reached the beginning I was welcomed by “My Mothers Beauty”
The Beauty I had forgotten in my solitary grief.
Her Beauty reminded me that she is still very much a part of me. She is the tulips that grow in my garden for it was she who planted the bulbs that greet me each spring renewing her love for me.
Her Beauty is in my son’s laughter as I sing to him the lullabies that she sang to me, lullabies so sweet that my heart can still hear her singing.
She is with me when I cry for she taught me that tears are not a weakness but help to cleanse the soul.
Her Beauty is in the forms of my hands for they are an exact duplicate of hers, hands that hugged me and taught me to express beauty by creating the simplest things.
And as she taught me how to bake cookies, she taught me that the true Beauty was seeing the smiles of those who received the gift from your heart.
Her Beauty is in my reflection when I look in the mirror for staring back at me is all the goodness that was in her soul.
I feel her when I pray for she taught me Faith in God and to believe in Miracles and Angels.
She taught me to give the best of myself without expecting anything in return.

She is the courage that I have for she taught me by example that ones’ pain should not be an obstacle to stop you from greeting the new day with a gentle smile.
Her strength is reflected when I face the world with my head held high, on my own terms and without excuses, but mostly with love and kindness for all things.
Today I miss her as I will always, but with my heart a little lighter for I remembered to bathe in her Beauty.


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Pippi21 said...

What a beautiful tribute to your dear Mother! My Mama passed away 22 years ago and it seems like yesterday because there doesn't a day go by that my sister and I don't think about her and mention the memories we have of her every time we talk to each other on the phone.
Your Mother is with you each day, looking over you.